Raising exports and attracting FDI in Rwanda

Increasing exports and attracting foreign direct investment are central priorities of the Government of Rwanda and of DfID in its Invest Africa initiative. Rwanda must create some 200,000 jobs per year to absorb its expanding population and even more are required to relieve the pressure on rural land. While export growth has slowed recently, the export portfolio has become more diverse in terms of both products and markets – though some vulnerabilities remain. These include shrinking global market shares in certain sectors and a lack of focus where world trade is expanding. Economy-wide efforts to deepen the supply chain and improve incentives in key sectors such as tourism, coffee and tea, mining, livestock products, and horticulture offer many opportunities that should be further explored by policymakers. This policy brief summarizes recent export and FDI performance and some of the key sectoral and cross-cutting issues. It sketches out some policy priorities and areas where additional donor support might contribute to increasing exports, attracting more FDI, and accelerating growth in national incomes.

The full publication is available here: https://www.theigc.org/publication/raising-exports-and-attracting-fdi-in-rwanda