Immigrants’ contribution to public finance in Rwanda, Chapter 6 in an OECD book on How Immigrants Contribute to Rwanda’s Economy

Most investigative efforts on migration have focused on developed countries while less is known about the economic value of immigrants in developing countries as countries of destination. This chapter investigates the role played by the immigrant population in Rwanda’s fiscal balance in 2012. It uses […]

The gender gap in firm productivity in Rwanda – Evidence from establishment and household enterprise data

Rwanda is one of the countries with the best strategies for women empowerment and gender equality in Africa and globally. Nonetheless, some inequalities exist especially in education attainment. This study investigates the gender gaps in business performance using nationally representative household survey and establishment census […]

Raising exports and attracting FDI in Rwanda

Increasing exports and attracting foreign direct investment are central priorities of the Government of Rwanda and of DfID in its Invest Africa initiative. Rwanda must create some 200,000 jobs per year to absorb its expanding population and even more are required to relieve the pressure […]

Remittance inflows and economic growth in Rwanda

This paper examines the impact of remittance inflows on economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) countries and Rwandainparticularfortheperiodbetween1980 and2014. It explores whether the growth impact of remittances is conditional on the institutional and development factors in SSA countries. The analytical framework of this study is […]