CDP Fellowships

CDP provides opportunities for nurturing future experts from Africa and abroad through short and long-term fellowships

The underlying objective of this research fellowship is to enable African junior and senior policy practioners and researchers working in areas of development programs and development issues to work with CDP expert fellows in a calm and conducive environment over a determined period of time- based on the project plan and the source of funding. Based on the established network between CDP and public, private and civil society organizations, CDP facilitates the connection between researchers and local organizations to facilitate data collection, interaction and study on specific projects. During the fellowship, different seminars are organized to allow fellows to receive feedback, comments and suggestions on their work from peer-researchers and expert fellows. Our visiting fellows are required to produce research papers and policy briefs. Research fellows come from within and out of Africa, as a form of international collaboration. The program lasts on average between three and six months. Fellows are also allowed to deliver training in their areas of expertise, upon request. This program has the following components:

Visiting Fellowship
for Policy Researchers

African researchers residing in Africa or non-African researchers working on African countries collaborate with CDP to implement their research projects. This program aims at promoting and deepening intra-Africa knowledge sharing among researchers and other key policy makers and development actors. It encourages the sharing of the best-practices within African countries- based on grounded evidence. We seek to generate and share knowledge that would impact policy and development programs in African countries. During research fellowships, researchers are facilitated to collect required data and contextualize their studies. CDP arranges policy talks with academia, peer researchers, policy makers and development practioners where research fellows present policy briefs generated from their research findings.

Sabbatical Leave

For the interest of bridging skills gap and providing opportunity to African talents living abroad to contribute to African development through brain gain-knowledge transfer, African experts (who work at the interface of research and policy) are encouraged to come and work with CDP for a short period of time. This could be part of their sabbatical leave. They come and do different capacity strengthening activities such as training, capacity assessment, write research proposals, and mentor and coach junior experts in certain areas. As follow-up of their work at CDP, they continue to deliver trainings (virtually), advice and supervision remotely. This promotes knowledge sharing and skills transfer. It also provides an opportunity to our local experts to gain international experience.


The research internship program is one of the key pathways for CDP to creating a critical mass of Pan-African experts. We target passionate masters` graduate students from within Africa and abroad who want to further their skills in policy and economic analysis. These students work closely with experts to benefit mentoring and coaching in different areas of development interventions. During the stay at CDP they benefit from different related trainings to improve their analytical skills for policy and economic analysis.

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For specific program inquiries relating to our work in your country, please contact the field offices directly at the contacts number.