Climate change

Climate change is one of the most daunting global development challenges. With the current and projected trend of increases in surface temperature (by 1.50C by 2100), changing and unpredictable rainfall and rain seasons, sea level rise, increased intensity and frequency of extreme weather events like floods and prolonged droughts, several sectors are meant to be affected at both the micro and macro levels. The use of research comes in handy to ascertain the likely impacts of climate change and climate variability on various sectors in order to devise evidence-based and sector-specific climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies. 

We contribute to this cause by conducting a trend analysis of climate change and climate variability and their co-dynamics and/or impacts on development indicators for agriculture, health, infrastructure and other climate-sensitive sectors. Based on our research findings, we make recommendations to guide policy formulation and implementation meant to increase the resilience of individuals, households and sectors to the adverse effects of climate change and extreme weather events.

We also provide capacity strengthening for institutions to conduct their own policy research in the area of climate change and climate variability and how to utilize research findings to devise adaptation and mitigation strategies.

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