Policy Design and Implementation

  • Date: 28th - 30th May 2021
  • time: Fri: 3 PM-7 PM | Sat: 9 AM-4 PM | Sun: 9 AM- 4 PM
  • Language : English
  • Venue: Africa College of Theology (ACT)
    New Life Bible Church, NLBC
    KK15 rd, KICUKIRO
    Kigali, Rwanda.

Course Description

The current development thinking suggests that the policy framework is critical in determining the performance of firms, farmers, households, and public sector bodies. This course will introduce the concept of public policy, the policy design and policymaking process, and the determinants of policy success and failures. Trainees will be introduced to the policy instruments and how and when they are used to implement public policy options. Different international and local practices will be covered. The course will analyze how effective public policy address market and government failures, and how ineffective policies affect development outcomes. This is a practical course that will involve international and local case studies. It enable those who advocate for policy change to know when and how to realize their agenda. The course involves practical assignments and sharing of practical experiences from policymakers, technocrats and experts in the field of public policy. The course builds a foundation for the next course of policy analysis and communication of policy analysis/products.

Course Outcomes

At the end of this short course, participants will be able to:
  • *  Articulate an understanding of the meaning of "policy"
  • *  Articulate the rationale for public policy (Market & Government failures)
  • *  Understand the policy-making process and factors which influence policy decisions and policy implementation at the levels of government, and different actors
  • *  Understand the specific tools required to analyze policy alternatives used in the policy formulation and implementation
  • *  Understand how and when to advocate for a policy change
  • *  Identify and articulate the role of politics in formulating different public policies
  • *  Understand different models and methods of policymaking
  • *  Customize the policymaking process in Rwanda
  • *  Evaluate the success and failure of government policy.

About Instructor

Admin bar avatar Edward KADOZI

Target Audience

  •   Technocrats (officials) in the government in change of policy, planning and program design, implementation, and monitoring;
  •   NGOs staff in charge of advocacy and program design and implementation;
  •   Consultants who develop policies and strategies
  •   Researchers and students interested in public policy and policy analysis

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