Differences in the Formation and Development of Informal Settlements and Their Effects on Residents’ Health and Safety

Hannah Kovacevich Reflection

In the summer of 2023, I had the opportunity to work with the CDP as my preceptorship site to finish my masters in Global Health Equity at the Medical College of Wisconsin. With the partnership between MCW and CDP we conducted qualitative research with individuals serving as landlords, living in informal settlements, and those who have been upgraded to formal settlement housing. Focus group interviews facilitated discussions surrounding the quality of living, health, the issues landlords and tenants were experiencing, and the availability of services. This opportunity allowed me to work on an important topic to global health research that I am passionate about. Dr. Kadozi, Bertrand, and Christine were wonderful and welcoming mentors. My time in Rwanda was thought provoking and important to my professional development. I hope that I continue to have the opportunity to work with this organization on urban development. 

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