Labor market analysis

Access to decent employment is a vital tool for poverty alleviation and economic transformation. African countries are implementing a wide range of labour market interventions, their macro policies aimed at promoting employment. However, unemployment remains quite high in many African countries, threatening the realization of the eight sustainable development goal (SDG 8). Several interventions have been initiated and implemented to reverse the status quo in some countries. However, less remains known about how these interventions contribute to employment promotion and development outcomes.

We conduct impact evaluations of labor market interventions, with an ultimate aim of informing policy makers, implementers and donors on what set of labour market interventions deliver the best labor market outcomes. For example, among others, we evaluate the impact of special training programs on the employability and income of beneficiary individuals. We then disseminate our findings to the intended users to highlight the factors that make certain interventions work best in some contexts than others. We then make recommendations to devise new and better strategies and improve the design and implementation of existing interventions for better labor market outcomes.

Labor market interventions

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