Migration and development

In recent years, scholars, policy makers and development actors have become increasingly interested in studying the role of migration in development. This interest is driven by two main factors; first, the limited understanding about the effects of migration on development mostly in the Global South, for example Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Second, the underlying role of migration in the development of poor developing countries. CDP explores and promotes the contribution of migrants (internal and international) to the development of African countries by focusing on three aspects of migration:

First, CDP conducts policy analysis and research on the contribution of remittances to the development of remittance-recipient African countries, and how to leverage the development impact of remittances on the continent.

Second, CDP studies the contribution of brain gain to the development of African countries. We provide capacity strengthening to African countries and organizations through technical support  on how to turn brain drain into brain gain to spur growth and development on the continent.

We study and bring to the attention of policy makers and other development actors how policies and institutional frameworks mediate the development outcomes of remittances, talents and other diaspora resources. In line with the latter, we provide evidence-based policy advice to the policy makers and development actors on how to attract and harness diaspora resources in the development of their countries of origin.

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