Policy analysis and research

CDP contributes to bridging existing gaps in policy analysis by strengthening the capacities of senior professionals in governments, private sector and civil society organizations in areas of policy and economic analysis, policy development, implementation and evaluation. CDP envisages creating a critical mass of analysts that contribute to the evidence-based decisions within development organizations. We aim at equipping officials, consultants, academia, researchers and practitioners from different organizations, academia and think-tanks with hands-on skills in policy and economic analysis. CDP partners with organizations to formulate and evaluate development programs and policies and facilitate organizations by providing technical support in capacity strengthening to implement these programs and policies. We also bridge capacity gaps by raising the experience of practitioners to experiment how policies and programs are formulated, implemented and evaluated informed by evidences.

We conduct policy research including policy evaluation to learn from the impact of development interventions.  We prioritize impact evaluation by use of randomized control trial techniques. We work closely with organizations to support them in learning the development impact of their interventions using credible evidence, and to translate the policy recommendations into responsive interventions. In doing so, we encourage peer-to-peer knowledge and information exchange and provide opportunities that built partnerships between policy researchers and practitioners to address development issues. With an underlying focus on providing future policy makers and experts with analytical skills, strategic thinking and attitudes that profoundly influence development interventions in the context of Africa.