Poverty and Social
Protection Programs

The first and main goal under Agenda 2030 is to eliminate poverty in all its forms by 2030 (SDG1). Policies and interventions to realize this goal ought to be informed by concrete evidence on what works and what does not work to alleviate poverty in respective African countries. Our policy research in this area draws on the increasingly available evidence in several African countries to conduct a trend analysis of poverty levels and their correlates. We also conduct impact evaluation of anti-poverty social protection policies and strategies in order to assess their relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and impact in different African contexts. This is supplemented by benchmarking studies and cross-country analytical work to provide learning lessons and transfer and adapt best practices from one country to another. This is meant to help policy makers, implementers and donors adopt those strategies and policies that deliver the best poverty alleviation benefits and contribute to inclusive economic growth.

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