Cash Transfers and Poverty Reduction in Rwanda

Center for Development Policy (CDP) organized a conference to disseminate research findings on the topical issues relating to cash transfers and poverty in Rwanda. In line with this theme, two papers, one on “measuring the impact of unconditional cash transfers on poverty reduction in Rwanda” and the other on “international remittances and poverty in Rwanda” were presented in a bid to stimulate policy discussions. The research seminar was hosted virtually by CDP, the organizing institution, and the organizers were excited to have a good number of participants, about (20 participants).

Effect of International Remittances on Poverty in Rwanda

International remittances to developing countries have been increasing in recent decades and they constitute a critical lifeline for millions of recipient households in these countries. However, their effect on poverty remains a subject of empirical debate among scholars. In the case of SSA countries, scant empirical evidence provides an in-depth understanding through which these inflows reduce poverty.