Upcoming Short-term trainings

Data Analysis using STATA

 Date: 26th - 28th Aug 2022
  •  Time:  Fri: 3 PM -7 PM | Sat: 9 AM-4 PM | Sun: 9 AM-4 PM
  • List of All Short-term trainings

    1. Data Analysis
    2. Policy design and implementation
    3. STATA for Labor Market Analysis
    4. Labor Market Statistics and Analysis
    5. Project Management
      Financial Management for Development Projects
    6. Monitoring and Evaluation of Development projects and programs
    7. Feasibility Studies
      Contract Management
    8. Policy Analysis and Preparation of policy papers (Position paper, policy brief & memo)
    9. Strategic planning for development projects
    10. Service delivery
    11. Program design and implementation
    12. Policy Impact Analysis
    13. Policy advocacy
    14. Mainstreaming disability in development policies and programs
    15. Mainstreaming environment in development policies and programs
    16. Mainstreaming employment in development policies and programs
    17. Result-based Monitoring and Evaluation
      Impact evaluation