The benefits of professionalism in the Rwandan agricultural sector

by SCOPEinsight and CDP

The Rwandan agribusiness sector is facing three important things: The struggle to access finance, 2) Market access is limited, and 3) As a result, the agricultural sector is not reaching its full potential and contribution to the economy. Agribusinesses are the backbone for growth and poverty reduction in Rwanda. Since 2012, SCOPEinsight in collaboration with CDP has assessed 665 agribusinesses in Rwanda and found that over half of these agribusinesses are classified as “maturing. ” But maturing agribusinesses are also less competitive in local and regional markets, and they find difficulties in accessing financing. These agribusinesses find it difficult to be as productive and resilient as they could be. However, with targeted interventions, their professionalism can be increased. This will help to solve many challenges in the Rwandan agricultural sector. Click here for more information.

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