At CDP we offer different short-term trainings and other tailor-made trainings requested by organizations and local experts. In some instances, these trainings are informed by the organizational capacity needs assessment reports-either conducted by CDP or other experts. These courses are offered by CDP experts and associates from within the country or abroad. These trainings are geared to strengthen individual and organizational capacities.

upcoming Trainings
100,000 RWF

Data Analysis using STATA

 Date: 2nd - 4th Dec 2022
  •  Time:  Fri: 3 PM -7 PM | Sat: 9 AM-4 PM | Sun: 9 AM-4 PM
  • Core Short-term Training Courses

    The core training courses focus primarily on the fundamentals of policy analysis, policy evaluation, policy-making, data analysis, economic policy analysis and development planning. We also consider how institutional dynamics influence the nature and the quality of policy and development interventions. Other tailor-made trainings requested by our partners, or identified as a gap on the local market are offered. These courses are organized on a continuous basis and are aligned to the key principles and programs of the center. The beneficiaries of these trainings are senior and junior professionals from public and civil society organizations, academic and research organizations as well as private practitioners. The courses aim to increase and strengthen the hands-on capacity of practioners to successfully perform their roles of enhances their achievements.

    Tailor-Made Short Courses

    CDP responds to the needs of practitioners and organizations and designs interventions and conducts training to respond to the specific needs of our partners. Sometimes these tailor-made short courses are designed for researchers, consultants and students who want to upskill themselves in particular areas related to policy and economic analysis. These courses are also delivered in the form of in-house training within organizations and companies. CDP takes the lead in developing the course modules and identifies the appropriate experts to offer the training. Our tailor-made trainings, generally, don`t last more than two weeks.