Who we are

The Center for Development Policy (CDP) is a pan-African non-profit and non-partisan think that exists to contribute to the development of African countries by impacting development policies and programs through provision of evidence-based policy solutions, capacity strengthening and promotion of brain gain of African talents. CDP prioritizes indigenous development solutions. We promote local home-grown innovations that have demonstrated credible evidences in affecting development in Africa, by working with local partners to study, document and sharing their best-practices.

CDP Vision

We seek to impact development through improved policy analysis and capacity strengthening

We exist to impact development through:

  • Evidence-Based policy solutions
  • Capacity strengthening
  • Promotion of Brain Gain initiatives

We conduct policy-oriented research and capacity strengthening for African policy actors and implementers to facilitate rational policy decisions. We promote policy and economic analysis to contribute to policy decisions and program interventions.

CDP interventions are demand-driven informed by policy demand from government institutions and other organizations, in the sense that CDP works closely with these organizations to help and work with them directly to address development challenges. We do this by engaging policy makers and other development actors on a continuous basis in order to identify and prioritize the development issues that need evidence. Our niche is based on the value of participative and consultative solutions informed by evidences and fully owned by the client.

Why choose us?

The CDP is non-profit and no-partisan organization that seeks to contribute to the development of African countries by impacting development policies and programs  through evidence-based policy development, implementation and evaluation. This is done through organizational capacity strengthening and provision of a critical mass of competent local expertise that are able influence evidence-based policy decisions;

The CDP prioritizes the local needs and provides innovative demand-driven pathways to strengthening the capabilities of partners as we influence evidence-based policy decisions;

CDP seeks to bridge local capacity gaps through brain gain approach. We offer a flexible and innovative approach geared to attracting talents from Diaspora and other international experts to contribute to development back home through short-term assignments based on mutual interests. This is done through technical assistance, training, policy research, virtual learning, sharing knowledge and international best-practices and networking. CDP offers technical support to the national and international organizations on  how to tap diaspora talents and resources. And attracts and manages international expertise for the interests of our local partners;

CDP promotes importance of evidence-based policy analysis and impact evaluation to our partners. We do that through collaborative policy research, sharing of knowledge and best-practices in areas of development programs.

We seek to promote local endogenous innovations that affect development by working with local partners; by studying, documenting and sharing their best-practices;