CDP Fellowships

The underlying objective of this research fellowship is to enable African junior and senior policy practioners and researchers working in areas of development programs and development issues to work with CDP expert fellows in a calm and conducive environment over a determined period of time- based on the project plan and the source of funding. Based on the established network between CDP and public, private and civil society organizations, CDP facilitates the connection between researchers and local organizations to facilitate data collection, interaction and study on specific projects. During the fellowship, different seminars are organized to allow fellows to receive feedback, comments and suggestions on their work from peer-researchers and expert fellows. Our visiting fellows are required to produce research papers and policy briefs. Research fellows come from within and out of Africa, as a form of international collaboration. The program lasts on average between three and six months. Fellows are also allowed to deliver training in their areas of expertise, upon request. This program has the following components:

Visiting Fellowship for Policy Researchers

Sabbatical Leave Fellowship

Research Internship