Our Approaches

We conduct policy-oriented research and capacity strengthening for African policy actors and implementers to facilitate evidence-based policy processes. We strive to use evidence-based policy analysis to contribute to evidence-based policy decisions and interventions. Our analytical and capacity strengthening work is delivered through three main approaches:

Demand-driven approach to identify and respond to policy challenges through policy analysis

We conduct policy research and analysis on particular development interventions requested by institutions and organizations for informed development interventions. We do this by engaging policy makers and other development actors on a continuous basis in order to identify and prioritize the development issues that need evidence. Our policy options or solutions are informed by consultative and empirical evidence.

Facilitating cross-country learning through benchmarking studies

Despite some differences in policy and institutional environments, African countries share a certain set of common policy process and development challenges. This makes it necessary to facilitate knowledge sharing across countries in order to harness best practices in one African country that can be applied in other African countries with similar socio-economic and political contexts. To do this, we pick development success stories, study them and benchmark policy alternatives and their outcomes, and recommend approaches to adapt best practices to other individual African countries. Example: community-based health insurance in Rwanda and Ethiopia. We organize benchmarking and knowledge sharing conferences and workshops were all stakeholders meet and share best-practices.