Our Programs

  • Promotion of evidence-based policy-making and implementation
  • Policy / Program impact evaluation
  • Evidence for decision-making

              (generation, appraisal, dissemination and utilization)

Financial sector development (financial inclusion, digital financial services and financial literacy), gender, social protection programs, labor market interventions, migration & development (Brain Gain), Organizational (and capacity needs) Assessment & development, trade & regional integration, climate change

  • Policy and strategy formulation;
  • Data analysis for evidence-informed decisions;
  • Organizational assessment & development of organizational CD plans;

            (generation, appraisal, dissemination and utilization)

  • Feasibility studies
  • Business plan
  • Research methods and data analysis;
  • Evidence-based policy formulation and implementation
  • Policy / program impact evaluation
  • Trainings to strengthen the capacity of local consultants
  • Dissemination of research and policy analysis findings through policy briefs, policy papers, position papers, blog posts, etc.
  • Proposal writing.