External Sector Analysis

  • Date: 18th - 20th Jun 2021
  • time: 9 AM to 4 PM
  • Language : English
  • Venue: Africa College of Theology (ACT)
    New Life Bible Church, NLBC
    KK15 rd, KICUKIRO
    Kigali, Rwanda.

Course Description

The external sector has increasingly become a major source of economic shock for most countries and more so during COVID-19 period. In addition, compilation of accurate external sector statistics is key to the implementation of evidence-based policies. Much as the internationally agreed compilation practices are long established, implementation challenges remain due to weakness in compilation and dissemination as well as poor institutional coordination among others, this is exacerbated by increasing technological advancement that pose new methodological challenges to compilers and analysts. Cognizant of this, the objective of this course is therefore to equip participants with basic knowledge on the concepts, definitions and principles underlying the compilation and analysis of external sector statistics. The course will present and analyse the framework of international accounts, including balance of payments, international investment position (IIP) and other changes in financial assets and liabilities.  The link between balance payments and other economic variables will also be tackled.

Course Outcomes

At the end of this short course, participants will be able to:
  • *  Understand the underlying concepts, definitions and principles used in the compilation of external sector statistics;
  • *  Ability to apply the recent internationally agreed compilation practices on trade in goods statistics;
  • *  Understanding the scope of international trade in services according to international standards;
  • *  Learn the compilation and analysis of primary income and secondary income balances following international compilation practices;
  • *  Create an understanding of the compilation and analysis of capital and financial account balances;
  • *  Understand compilation and analysis of international investment position;
  • *  Enhance participants knowledge on public debt compilation;
  • *  Analytical use of external sector statistics and dissemination practices.

Target Audience

  •   The target group for the course is junior to middle-level staff from government institutions whose main responsibility is:
  •   compiling balance of payments,
  •   international merchandise trade statistics,
  •   and/or international trade in services statistics
  •   as well as reserachers who use such data in their emprical research.

Course Requirements

  •   Bring a laptop

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