Introduction to Data Analysis using STATA

  • Date: 7th - 9th May 2021
  • time: from 9 AM to 4 PM
  • Language : English
  • Venue: Africa College of Theology (ACT)
    New Life Bible Church, NLBC
    KK15 rd, KICUKIRO
    Kigali, Rwanda.

Course Description

The dissemination of research and policy analysis skills is part of the mandate of the Center for Development Policy (CDP). Providing practical data analysis skills is a first step to creating a mass of competent policy analysts, researchers and data analysts. The goal of this introductory course in data analysis using STAT is to equip the participants with the practical skills necessary to manage and analyze quantitative data using STATA, one of the modern data analysis software programs. This includes specific skills in data importation, cleaning, manipulation, summarization, graphical representation, regression analysis among other techniques. By the end of the training, the participants are expected to have learned how to handle raw data from quantitative surveys, prepare the data in usable form that suits their research agenda and conduct simple descriptive and inferential statistics. Participants will also learn how to tabulate and visualize quantitative data and present outputs in policy reports in formats easily understandable to non-technical audiences like policy makers.

About Instructor

User Avatar Dr Ggombe Kasim Munyegera

Target Audience

  •   Policy analysts
  •   Researchers
  •   Data scientists
  •   University students

Course Requirements

  •   Knowledge of Statistics
  •   Bring a laptop

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